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Electroguard High Performance (Red)


Electroguard High Performance (Red)


Conformal coatings are essential for enhancing the reliability and long-term performance of electronic assemblies. They provide superior protection against:Dust, Dirt, Abrasion,Fungus,Moisture,Chemicals,Mechanical stress,Shock and vibration

Easily processable, two part epoxy with excellent chemical resistance, particularly to solvents.

Environmentally friendly, Master Bond conformal coatings are 100% reactive and contain no solvents or diluents. They can be easily dispensed without surface defects such as air bubbles/voids.

Rigid/flexible coatings have good wetting characteristics, excellent strength, compatibility with a wide range of different materials/components, low outgassing, low shrinkage and are engineered to provide coverage over sharp edges/contours.

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